There has always been an association between rap and gambling, with numerous top stars of the music scene including references to all kinds of casino games in their lyrics. Famous examples include:

  • Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg
  • Hustlin’ by Rick Ross
  • Viva Las Vegas by 2Pac
  • Mo Money Mo Problems by Notorious B.I.G

There was a huge trend for rappers shooting their videos in casinos and the idea of being a high roller is a popular one when it comes to the genre. Many songs also follow the theme that a chance win or a lucky break has allowed them to dramatically change their lifestyle, and a single quarter in a slot machine such as 9 Pots of Gold is a prime example of how that can happen.

Rap and slots

The versatility of slot machines means that they are perfect for theming around different cultural phenomena. From TV shows and films to history and music, slots designers manage to incorporate a number of themed elements into their games and fans can find a slot to suit almost any interest.

The history of rap and slots means that there is a choice of rap-themed slot games for fans of both, such as:

Wild Beast

This slot, from Playtech, has a hip hop and rap theme with a soundtrack that players will love featuring some of the most impressive music of any slot. The music sets the tone for the gameplay as this slot has twenty-five paylines and five reels, and players will be hoping to win the 5000 x per line jackpot.

There are plenty of striking wild symbols and plenty of references to rap that fans will appreciate as they play the slot with the smoothest tunes.

Hip Hop Panda

This hugely popular game was made by PG Soft and became a worldwide sensation soon after its release. This game shows the cuter side of rapping and features a rapping panda that appears to help you create an amazing sound as you play.

This five-reel game offers players the chance to win 572x their stake and there are plenty of in-game features to keep things interesting. If you manage to form a winning combo, you can activate the cascading reels and there’s also a bonus reel multiplier that shows five symbols before every spin to increase the chances of building up your winnings in the main game.

A free spins feature can increase the bonus reel multiplier’s value by up to fifty times so there is the potential to win big. This is the perfect game for slot fans that like hip hop as they can build up to a big payout while making their own hype music to play along to.


This game, from the Microgaming back catalogue, features some of the finer things in life as seen through the lens of rap culture. The game features all the classic symbols of hip hop high-rollers such as gold jewellery, tricked-out cars, and opulent backdrops for the on- screen action.

The soundtrack is perfect for rap fans and adds to the fun of the game as you try and win the big jackpots with this five-reel, twenty-five-payline slot. This popular game includes a wild card featuring a rapper with a red bandana with a gold chain and a 777 symbol.

As the title of the game suggests, the idea of being loaded comes across perfectly in this game, and the potential for the player to enjoy the reality is also appealing. You can trigger a round of free spins by hitting three scatters anywhere on the reels and you can choose between more free spins with lower multipliers or fewer spins but the chance to quadruple your winnings.

True to its name, Loaded offers the chance to win some pretty impressive prizes if you can rack up the matches. If you can match three in a row on the active lines, you will activate the ‘double or nothing’ feature: if you correctly guess the colour of a randomly-chosen card then you can double your winnings.

From super yachts and mansions to a host of characters, this game is great for players who appreciate the chance to see how the most successful rappers live. There are plenty of interesting features but the design makes it easy to play, even for complete beginners.