You may not know the Touhou Project series of bullet hell games from “ZAN” but I’d say there’s at least a fair chance you’ve heard “Bad Apple!!” once before, particularly if you’re a gamer/nerd like me. Here’s a top ten of some of the best versions of it you can find online!

1.) The original “Bad Apple!!” shadow art video

2.) A heavy metal “Bad Apple” by RichaadEB f/ Cristina Vee

3.) An English language “Bad Apple” cover by JubyPhonic

4.) “Bad Apple” orchestral arrangement f/ Un3h

5.) “Bad Apple!!” with traditional Japanese instruments by ShouRinka

6.) A gentler English cover performed by Lizz Robinett

7.) A super energetic cover by Nightcore

8.) An Undertale version of “Bad Apple” sung in Spanish

9.) I’m not even explaining this one – just watch

10.) What if “Bad Apple!!” was played on a music box?