Most readers will likely roll their eyes at that album title because it’s forced in the same way a backronym like Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is (RIP Keith Elam – fourteen years already!). This is nothing new in rap – “2Pacalypse Now”, “Ludaversal” and “Nastradamus” are all examples of shoehorning your name into a word or phrase, in the name of brand recognition. Boston’s Edo G is well versed himself, having teamed with Masta Ace for 2009’s “Arts and Entertainment” (like A & E?) that was heavy-handed to the point it was simply credited to Ace and Edo. We also saw this in 2017 with his fifteenth album, “FreEDOm”, a solid if unspectacular example of reliable head-nod Hip-Hop, that isn’t designed to be overly analyzed. In 2023, we received “wE DO. Good”, probably the most accurate summation of Edo. G’s career so far – he makes good rap music.  

My favorite thing about Edo. G is he rarely wastes words. It can easily be assumed that his style is simple, old school even, but it’s direct, effective and continues to satisfy purists. “Gillie Shit” is just that, as he states “been around the atlas, your shit’s disastrous, beat bastards that want clashes, me I’m Ali you Cassius, been around forever, you can’t outlast this“:

Even when he’s bemoaning the state of modern Hip-Hop, songs like “Greg Nice” feel jovial as he reminds listeners that well-made music stands the test of time, and he’s rewarded with constant tours from a catalog that isn’t dependent on one classic album, or a prime thirty years prior. A great example of that simplistic approach, that just makes you want to rap along, is the haunting, choir-driven track “Truth”:

“How that thunder sound, Is how that gun will sound
When they looking for you? They gon’ hunt you down
Edo’s underground, stay on tour – runaround
You in the ring but you ain’t won a round
But I’m grateful, plus a staple
You hateful, you push when it say pull

Pencil it in, so I can erase you
I’ll end you, who’s gonna defend you?
Continue, I do shit that men do
You pretend to, a helping hand, I won’t extend you
I’m at the table, you on the menu
Uh, and I’ma eat you up
Leftovers, heat you up, beat you up
Missin’ rappers? I never went to search
Suckaz at they worst, the devil went to church

I know the world is waiting on that Nas and DJ Premier album, but give me an Edo. G project full of Premier beats and it has the potential to be even better. That may sound backwards, given Nas is GOAT material, but Edo. G’s style probably benefits more than anyone with this type of production. “Paid”, and “Watch Out” are all just under that Premier level – a few scratches and a bit more swing in the sampling would lift these tracks towards the replayability of a “Sayin’ Somethin'” or a “Fast Lane”.

If you own any Edo. G albums, you’ll be familiar with vague song titles, and none are more derivative than “YO”. Fortunately, it’s backed by a nasty beat by Edo himself proving his production game has come on leaps and bounds. The fact the video for the song “Master” looks like an Xbox 360 videogame falls in line with Edo’s brand. If you’re not a fan of what’s out now and yearn for the days when the world felt a bit more straightforward, you’re in safe hands.

Toward the end of the album, the songs retain the cut-throat honesty but don’t have the same level of production to keep me interested. “Welcome” has a rough King Magnetic vocal (quality-wise) that’s jarring and the beat feels fairly drab compared to something like “Wake Up”. The title track (and also “Hope”) has some singing that feels a bit undercooked, perhaps budgetary constraints, that also detract from what’s generally a consistent listen-through,

A frequent theme on “wE DO. Good” is how overlooked Edo is, particularly by the industry. Hell, we overlooked this project ourselves, seeing as it was released back in November, but if this one passed you by too, go check it out. It’s not without its flaws, but when it comes to Edo. spitting over a dope beat, he rarely disappoints, and this is one of the best records he’s made in a while.

Edo G :: wE DO. Good
7Overall Score