Everybody deserves a fair chance to explain themselves to their haters. Adam B gave V-Nasty that chance back in 2012, and Vanessa dropped “The Words I Wrote” a year later. It’s only now with a decade in between that I can really talk about how awful this is. Given that we had given V-Nasty a fair chance, I didn’t want to immediately take a big steaming dump on her music, but I don’t think anybody can say we haven’t been more than fair at this point. The thoughtful and self-aware artist from the interview Adam did is not to be found anywhere on this album.

“I’m the dopest of the dope — anywhere I’m standing
You a basic ass bitch, my life is outstanding”

It would be bad if these were just some boring bars bragging about being the baddest, but V-Nasty went extra hard on being awful by having a producer modulate her vocals throughout. I suppose if you were mad at her for saying the N word it would be better to not understand her at all? When you can understand her it’s not “Fantastic” at all. She has exactly one thing to say — I’m great and you’re not. For someone who calls other people “basic” her raps are the most basic level of lyricism possible.

“Getting chauffeured in the backseat, backseat reclining
5 Star restaurants that’s what I dine in
They hear V-Nasty and they know I be shining
Gold rims gold tint gold whip when I’m sliding”

I kept waiting for Vanessa to say something interesting and never heard it. I suppose in a perverse way it’s to her benefit that rappers today are talking about the exact same things — drinking too much, taking too much molly, and going way too hard at the function. “Party party party let’s all get wasted.” It’s like a rich teenager who knows they can do anything they want with basically no consequences, to the point even party oriented teenagers would find her sus. If I was Lesley Gore I’d file an injunction against “V-Party” just for not clearing the interpolation of her, even though it really would be fair use and/or parody. Gore would be doing us a favor anyway.

Look I just want to cut to the point here — “The Words I Wrote” is fucking awful. I could spend three more paragraphs explaining that, but I’d rather save you the time reading this I wish I could have saved listening to it. V-Nasty has all the wrong things going for her. Her voice is annoying, her production is stale, her topics aren’t interesting, and she sounds completely oblivious to how phony she comes across. It’s entirely possible for a white girl to be a competent rapper who gets respect from the rap game, but V-Nasty was not the person to put that weight on. When you’re trying to beef with Soulja Boy and he refuses to even respond to it… well damn, if you’re irrelevant to Soulja Boy what else do I really need to say? This is trash.

V-Nasty :: The Words I Wrote
2.5Overall Score