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[Crackheadz Gone Wild: New York 2] Crackheadz Gone Wild: New York 2
Label: Monkey Hustle Entertainment

Author: Pedro 'DJ Complejo' Hernandez

I've never been a big fan of taking advantage of other's misfortune and/or mental impairment for the sake of amusement. For this reason I've never seen any of the bum fight videos or anything else in that genre, so obviously I wasn't thrilled to get a video entitled "Crackheadz Gone Wild" delivered in the mail. Luckily for me, the opportunity to watch this video in the company of people who like that sort of stuff presented itself almost immediately as a friend let me know that he thought bum fights were hilarious. I figured at the very least if I didn't enjoy it I could gauge just how "good" these crack heads were by my friend's reaction. As it turns out, "Crackheadz Gone Wild: New York 2" isn't entertaining even for those who like that sort of stuff.

This whole ordeal reeks of ignorance from the start. The company that put this out calls itself "Monkey Hustle Entertainment. The DVD is claimed to be written by "the streets" and produced by "the hood." It promises real crack heads and not actors (apparently there is market for videos featuring "fake" crack heads). It also says it features "fighters," "rappers," "smokers," and "idiots" to ensure that Monkey Hustle film presents a wide spectrum of crack heads. The film itself is simply a collection of random videos shot on a home camera featuring "crack heads" being egged on to do stupid stuff. Surprisingly, despite a vast potential for something entertaining to come of this, the DVD lacks anything that will make you laugh. There's a crack head on here that supposedly raps, the problem is that you wouldn't know this person was trying to rap if someone didn't tell you. They zoom the camera on this woman (I think it's a woman) and she starts mumbling words which are completely unintelligible. The camera man is laughing his ass off, but I see little entertainment in it. Since you can't understand the crack head the only possible funny thing is the concept of a crack head trying to rap. The smokers on here are basically close ups of crack heads taking a hit. Once again, I personally find little entertainment in watching someone use drugs on camera. The "idiots" advertised encompass most of the DVD as they follow so called crack heads around the city as they do their thing. This mostly consists of them talking about various details in their lives, many times in an unintelligible manner. We never quite got to the "fighters" on this DVD as we couldn't stand watching boring footage of crack heads.

I'll admit that I have a big problem with taking advantage of people who have mental problems. I mean even if these people decide to take crack by their own volition, once it turns to an addiction the process is not as voluntary as one would think. On top of that, with the high frequency of mental illness among the homeless one has to wonder whether some of these people are under the influence of drugs at all. Even if these people aren't able to recognize that they are being taken advantage of I'm sure a family member watching this would be disgusted. With that said, even my friend, a person who admitted having no such qualms, still found nothing entertaining here. You're more likely to find entertainment walking the streets of your local downtown than watching this DVD.

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Originally posted: April 24, 2007
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