Robbert Jopp :: Robert England Rap Application :: {self released}
as reviewed by Rowald Pruyn

Dear Mr. Jopp,

I write to you in reference to your demo, marked "Robert England Rap Application." After careful consideration, I have decided to put aside your project, and choose other candidates who presented us with a more consistent style and advanced repertoire.

"This job's hella boring, and it's minimum wage
To sell fries and flip paddies all day
Feels like valuable time is being wasted
What I should do is fill out my rap application
This is my submission
I hope you will listen
Untie my laces: I'm no longer tripping
Get rich or die trying, so I started rhyming
One man mission, quarterback without a lineman"

Thank you for your clear personal introduction on "Nature Done." Very unfortunate your last job has been so unsatisfactory. I understand your appeal for creating a more desirable future for yourself. However, we are looking for an applicant with different ulterior motives than yourselves. Ambition is something to be cherished in future employees. You should focus on developing your talents before you start mentioning "get rich or die trying."

"I try hard not to cuss when I spit
But everything rhymes with hoe, fuck, and shit
I guess that makes me similar
When the objective is to be different
But that's a possible: Nothing's gonna change
All that will be made has been made
And all that will be paid, haven't been paid
I'm coming strapped with a full heart and half a brain"

You possess a promising voice, and I think it is admirable you experimented with different vocal patterns and rhyme styles. Sometimes, like on "Fish In A Barrel 2," I discerned a resemblance to the highly personal style of Atmosphere's Slug. "All Of Me Last" made me think about Twista's rapid tongue. Because of this extreme diversity, I wasn't sure which style of rhyming suited you best. Your numerous referencing of the alter ego Robert England added to my confusion. I couldn't tell what his role on the demo is exactly. Separating his character from your own role as an MC would clear things up.

On your application demo, you decided to handle production yourself. Of course, it isn't easy to make your own music when your studio is situated in a San Diego bedroom. Do invest time in collaborating with people who have more experience in putting together beats, so you can focus on your rhyming. There are many MC/producers out there, and it is indeed quite hard to make a difference in this very competitive field.

"Don't be mad, 'cuz you're overrated
One hit, too bad the radio overplayed it
Yeah, I am jealous, I ain't scared to admit it
Rap is ten percent skill, and ninety percent business
The word MC is used too lightly
I'm not an MC, but one day I might be
I'm marinating to this song I'm making
This is not a fucking album: it's just an application"

I hope this letter has not been discouraging to you. I am aware of the fact that this is just a demo, and that you still have much work to do. The highly personal nature of your input has been alternately fascinating and disheartening. After hearing the chorus on "It Will Done" ("Even if I gotta go straight to hell/Charge one dollar so it will sell") I have no doubt in my mind you will be persistent in your pursuit of artistic recognition. Good luck with your quest.

Music Vibes: 2 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 1.5 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 2 of 10

Originally posted: May 8, 2007