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[Year 2004 in Review] The Year 2004 in Review
Various Labels

Authors: The Staff

"The Year in Review" has become an annual tradition at Over the years we've tried many different ways to satisfy the public's appetite for a thorough analysis of who "the best of the best" were, with admittedly mixed results. In the Year 2000 Steve 'Flash' Juon compiled the list, as well as in the Year 2001. In 2002 the list was compiled by polling the entire staff, and weighing each album named on a points scale until the albums mentioned most and rated highest sorted themselves out. 2003 we attempted to go back to having just one person compile the list, but it proved to be no more controversial than the previous three attempts.

Since it's a new year, it's time to try something totally new. For this new edition of "The Year in Review," covering the best albums of 2004, we've decided to blow it out and have staff members write their OWN editorials. Each of the lists presented this year is a completely unique vision of what the previous year was all about for hip-hop. Some favor indie albums, some favorite major releases, some favor cerebral rap, some favor gangsta shit. Some are even an eclectic mixture of them all. We're proud to present six "best of" lists that will definitely have people talking, thinking, and debating for months to come. Without further adieu we present:

      * Nin Chan
      * James Corne
      * Tom Doggett
      * Pedro 'DJ Complejo' Hernandez
      * Matt Jost
      * Dan Mennella

Originally posted: January 4, 2005

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