“Cheese-flavored, puffed corn meal.” That describes both the food pictured to the right that leaves orange powder all over your fingers and the current blowhard that is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He’s definitely puffed up on his own ego, and the things that he says on a day to day basis are so cheesy they’re hard to take seriously. Even as Olympic athletes are currently try to restore some level of dignity to the United States on an international stage, they are consistently undermined by the Cheeto-in-Chief with every single move he makes. The only way to deal with such idiocy is to mock it mercilessly. The world needs to be reminded he’s not to be taken seriously.

Some brave athletes have taken it a step further by putting their views front and center.

Vice President Mike Pence has also come under fire at the Olympic games for his long held and widely reported homophobic views, particularly from Olympian Adam Rippon.

While some would argue that the Olympic games are meant to not be politicized, as most things tend to be when Trump gets involved, politics inject themselves regardless. They are as unavoidable as the wind that nearly ripped the toupee right off of his bald head.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that athletes have political opinions just like all of the rest of us in society, perhaps we should take stock of the fact that we’re forced to have this conversation because our nation is now the laughing stock of the world. The problem with Donald Trump is and always has been that much like Cheetos, there’s nothing of substance to the man whatsoever. His politics flap in the wind like his wig and blow whichever way seems favorable that day. He’s for Dreamers. He’s against Dreamers. He’s for universal health care. He’s opposed to the single payer mandate. On any given day from the campaign trail to the current ridiculous regime in the White House, he stands for nothing and reacts to everything. He’s out to score points in a game that only he keeps track of. If bashing black athletes for taking a knee scores with “his base” he’ll do it. If threatening Kim Jong-Un by claiming he has a bigger nuclear button than North Korea and “OURS WORKS” scores with “his base” he’ll do it. There’s no substance beyond trying to remain hip with the alt-right that won him an electoral (not the POPULAR) vote. Olympians should take a stand for something – our Commandant-in-Chief certainly doesn’t.