“Ahhh, politics and bullshit got me hectic
Let me show y’all new rappers how to do a posse record”

You know, up till now I only thought of Craig G as the MC who won the New Music Seminar battle. I had heard him in the “U R Not the 1” days, and was never too impressed. I didn’t even pay attention to the fact he was one of the Juice Crew All Stars. Well, when I heard this reunion cut, my first reaction was “Damn, Craig G came off!” My second reaction was “Damn, Frankie Cutlass is a genius!”

If there was ever any doubt that Puerto Ricans are full-fledged members of the hip-hop nation, there never should have been. Nuyoricans have been down since the first graffiti tags were thrown on a wall and breaking got done on the street corners and up in the dance halls. Nevertheless, they’ve never gotten the full fledged props they deserve; and Frankie Cutlass is here to change all that. He’s put together an album of some of New York’s finest, and the album will have hip-hop heads open wide like a Venusian Flytrap.

Among the album’s best is “Cypher Part 3”, the Juice Crew reunion which also includes Roxanne Shante, BizMarkie, and a very rejuvenated sounding Big Daddy Kane; “You & You & You” including Sadat X and Redman; and “Feel the Vibe” with Rampage, Doo Wop, and Heltah Skeltah. Strong pounds out also go to the previously heard “Boricuas on the Set” which comes with a remix, and a brand new version of “Puerto Rico” subtitled “Black People” (when you hear it, you’ll know why).

You really can’t go wrong with this album. Keith Murray and the Coco Brovaz (Smif-N-Wesun) shine on a Busta Rhymes chorused “Pay Ya Dues”, and M.O.P. reunites with Kool G Rap for a “Stick to Ya Gunz” part two called “Know Da Game” — and they brought Mobb Deep along for the session. How did Frankie Cutlass assemble such an incredible all-star lineup? Simple. Frankie Cutlass got MAD LOVE in the New York circles. While Funkmaster Flex seems to be fading (The Mix Volume II is long on tracks but low on excitement), Cutlass is taking the reigns and riding hip-hop into the 21st century.

To summarize: if you’re Puerto Rican and you know it, clap your hands! If you’re black and you know it, clap your hands! If you’re white, mexican, asian, whatever, you love hip-hop, clap your hands! This album should have you amped like a phillie blunt rolled with NoDoz.

Frankie Cutlass :: Politics and Bullsh*t
8.5Overall Score