Momma always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.. but then, that would make for a pretty fucking short review. If you have to work this hard to find nice things to say, there’s something VERY wrong. Well, the tape case it came in looks professional; so we can at least give them that much.

The problem is not that these rappers are white. In fact, they spent so much time rapping about burritos at the beginning of the album I was willing to believe they were hispanic – until MC AK played himself by saying “Since I’m white, you think I can’t write; since I’m an albino you think I can’t flow” on My Skin and then went even further by saying “I might rap wack, yo I’ll admit that” on the same song. Dead up kid, you hit the nail on the head. Well, give him credit for being honest.

It’s not that they’re wack because they’re white though. They’re wack because their raps are lethargic, their rhymes are retarded, and their beats are stolen from somebody else. No matter what race they were, these guys would be ass-crack pressed on wax. How can you be dope when your so-called “101st Airbourne Productions” is a Sony tape deck in your mom’s bedroom? I’m serious. If you can actually stomach listening to “Fucked Up Jam” you’ll come to the same conclusion I did: they set two tape decks next to each other – pushed PLAY on the one with “Hip Hop Drunkies” by Tha Alkaholiks, pushed RECORD on the one with a blank tape – and started freestyling into the built in microphone. “Fucked Up” describes this perfectly – they even try to claim there’s a DJ there scratching when E-Swift hits a break on the instrumental. *WHO* is that stupid?

This whole album is full of recycled beats. “Rock That Shit” is actually “Raise the Roof” by Luther Campbell. “Dis Mode” is actually “2nd Round Knock Out” by Canibus. “I Wanna Know Why” is actually “Thing’sll Never Change” by E-40. Even the songs which *might* be original beats are automatically suspect around the other cuts on this album. MC AK does try to come off nice on “I Lost It” but his psycho impression of Kool Keith only reminds you of why Kool Keith *is* the man. “Dis Mode” would have had some potential too; because they actually sounded halfway mad dissing Puffy and Bone. Emotion, from these lethargic rappers, is a good thing – but the rhymes are still wack. Y’all keep playing yourselves!

   “I don’t care about shit, I don’t care if I die/ I don’t want new clothes, I don’t want a new ride/ I don’t want you like me, I want you to hate me” –> “Bad Attitude Towards Life”

I hate to say it, but these lyrics summarize the album perfectly.

I understand the enthusiasm for wanting to become a part of the rap music scene, but there is a point where people should step to their boys and say, “You ain’t dope, you’re never gonna be dope, so stop embarassing yourself.” Somebody forgot to tell AK and Kane.

MC AK & Kane :: We Wicked