There is one label more well known for wackness than any other. No talent, terrible beats, worthless promoters, artists worse than any others you’ve ever heard. Ah, another album from the infamous 101st Airborne Records. Yes, I’ve read the reviews of their previous products, and I’ve always wondered: can these guys really be THAT bad? Well, sadly enough, the answer is yes, and possibly even worse than imagined. This album’s a joke, right? A parody? The whole time I was listening to this album, the only thingI could think of was the movie “Whiteboyz.” MC AK is a real life version of Flip Dawg: a white dude from the suburbs who lives at home with his parents, acts like a thug, dresses like a thug, and makes feeble attempts to rap. No, scratch that — MC AK makes Flip Dawg look like the second coming of Kool G. Rap or KRS One.

It really makes you scratch your head and ask yourself, “How do these people not realize that they don’t have talent?” No flow, boring voice, terrible lyrics, mediocre at BEST beats. But the funniest thing is that MC AK actually thinks he’s dope on the mic. Here’s a perfect example from the track That White Boy Can Rap: “Just because my flow doesn’t sound like everyone else out there, I’m wack? Man y’all crazy.” No, they’re not the crazy ones. They’re right — you are wack, and it’s not because you sound different. MC AK goes on to say:

“Eminem has to cuss in his rhymes to sell records, well I don’t
These days, I won’t – but I agree with Shady, just like ICP
Everlast sold out the rap industry
I’m the only white MC who’s truly worthy
Even though the mainstream still ain’t heard of me
I’m a legend on the underground”

I had to literally laugh my ass off at the line “I’m the only white MC who’s truly worthy.” I’m sorry son, but there’s plenty of white MC’s out there much more worthy: Eminem, Copywrite, Cage are just several examples. So what seperates these guys from MC AK? Well, talent, lyrical proficiency, and flow: they have these things, MC AK does not. I honestly have to say that this is by far the worst album I’ve ever heard. It’s utterly awful in every way, shape and form. Even the heart felt songs like “True Love” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” are weak, because even though he the topics are obviously meaningful to him he lacks the ability to express it well at all.

Songs like “Take Me to Court”, “I Ain’t New to This”, “June at Noon” and “I AM Hip Hop” have one value – to listen to for comedic value. They’re so weak that you just have to crack a smile, chuckle, and shake your head when listening to them. A perfect example is the unbearably wack “If I Was a Coach.” MC AK fantasizes about being a head coach in the NBA, and this minute long “song” had me in stitches. I honestly can’t imagine anyone writing something this utterly awful and actually putting effort into it.

To quote DJ Fatboy’s review of MC AK’s last solo album: “The only value that this garbage has is to pop it in, play it, and laugh at it.” Once again, every beat is just jacked from a previous rap song, and chopped up in a way that makes it wack. I don’t see why they even bothered, they might as well have just lifted the tracks, that way at least they would’ve been rapping over some decent production. As it stands, they butchered tracks like “Children’s Story” and “It Ain’t No Fun” on this “album.” The beats are wack, the rhymes are wack, the flows are wack. If this album sells more than five copies, it’s a disgrace to hip hop. No, scratch that, the fact that it was pressed in the first place is a disgrace. I’d be sooner to buy used toilet paper than I would be to cop this album. Hell I got the album for free and still feel like I got ripped off. In the dictionary, they should include MC AK’s album as part of the definition of wackness. Okay, I’m done. Excuse me while I pop in “Illmatic” and cleanse myself.

MC AK :: The One and Lonely
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