The Bay area, though heavily associated with funk, and to a lesser degree, hyphy, has a HIGHLY diverse hip-hop scene.

This is the same area that birthed Too Short, E-40, Souls of Mischief, and the Living Legends crew. The Yay has mad different styles – like your favorite thrift shop. This is why, like Chicago or Detroit, when you receive a record from the Bay, you cannot easily assume what you might hear until the first thump comes out of the speaker.

Esinchill and King Beef tend to lean strongly in the direction of Boom Bap-styled hip-hop with a nod towards a mature sound. Their music is a part of a burgeoning subgenre of “Grown Folks Hip-Hop”. It is the type of music that is acceptable in any event lableled “Grown and Sexy” – and the dudes is wearing all white. If you lived in Atlanta, you would understand what I am talking about.

Most of the subject matter falls in either one of two categories: battle rhymes, upliftment anthems or, to a lesser extent, rhymes designed to cater towards the fairer sex.

The collection of songs is hardly offensive, only mildly aggressive, and the production is mostly sample-free, mellow vibe efforts that come off JUST gritty enough to avoid the R&B label.

However, they do take a moment to keep it raw – and expound upon a subject that I have had the personal pleasure (or displeasure, if you will) of experiencing as recent as a few weeks ago. There is a woman that you like, however; her bar buddy is saddled up next to her, ready to serve as a jeans-sporting roadblock the minute that you try and make your move.

Couldn’t you use a “Wingman” right about now?


“Though she don’t look good it’s true
And I’m sorry about it, but
I got a favor to ask of you
Can you take one for the team nigga

Though she don’t look good it’s true
You say you’re sorry about it
I ain’t doing no favors for you
I can’t take one for the team nigga”

Second Verse:

King Beef: “Man, you can’t be serious
Baby’s looking hideous
Talk to me
Look how awkward her titties is”

Esinchill: “I mean, yeah
She don’t look that cool
Big nose and clothes
Don’t really match cool
But I just need for you to act cool
Cause her friend’s ass look like a
Midget in fetal position on that stool”

King Beef: “Then I tell you like this
Off top it’s gonna cost you
Cause, for real
her grill is looking awful”

Esinchill: “Grey Goose to the wingman
You got that coming
Barkeep, you know King Beef
Keep that yak (cognac) coming”

King Beef: “Man, I don’t know
What if the word get out
I running round with something
That the (unintelligible) spit out?”

It does not get any clearer than what you just read.

As I stated before, this album tends to lean more towards the side of inoffensive and mellow. The problem with this is that it makes for less-than-edgy listening over the entire body. There is nothing here that is going to “bust your head”, and every now and then, you wish that someone would bring a little more “fight” to the mic booth. Though both rappers demonstrate a considerable amount of lyricism and breath control, they shortchange the experience with their inability to bring some FIRE to the party.

However, it is enjoyable, safe listen for someone out on a first date with a lady who likes a little bit of champagne with her beer.

But, you will not be playing this one when you getting ready to hit the bench press at the gym.

Nervous Pick: “Wingman”

Esinchill and King Beef :: Choice Cuts Volume One
6.5Overall Score