Don’t feel bad if you’re experiencing a case of deja vu right now. I was too when the label asked me if I was going to review the copy of Moonshine Bandits’ “Whiskey and Women” they just sent me. “Wait a minute – didn’t I already review this album last year?” As a matter of fact, yes I did. Much like Future did with “Pluto” and Nicki did with “The Re-Up” though, the success of the original album inspired the people at the label to release a new version. You can call it the “enhanced” or “extended” cut if you want, but Moonshine Bandits call it “Deluxe.”

The new songs that weren’t on the previous version I reviewed are an “Average Joe” remix of “Super Googles,” the “Hell Raisin’ Country” remix featuring Big Smo, plus the following new songs: “Shotgun Sheels & Shine,” “For the Outlawz,” “Addicted” featuring Paradime and “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” featuring Danny Boone of Rehab. For whatever reason “Summer Girl” and “Whiskey and Cigarettes” have been removed. If you have the physical version of the “Deluxe” edition you also get a bonus DVD with six videos, and the video for “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” features adult film star Tera Patrick. I have to imagine for some of the hornier teenagers out there, that might be reason enough alone to pay the price of admission, particularly if they don’t own the original version.

“When she slides in through the back door of the dive bar late at night
There’s thunder pumpin in my heart from the lightning in her stride
And her smooth, silky sihlouette is shinin through her cigarette smoke…
And there’s cause for concern, when the boys act like a fool
Cause the venom from her kiss, knocks their asses off their stool
Then she’ll drink their shots of whiskey, and play some DHC and then she’ll ride”

I’m going to assume DHC means Destiny Hope Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) or I misheard this country rap. Then again this is the kind of song I’ve heard in MANY a dive bar in my day, where they don’t particularly pay attention to the lyrics, they just want to drink their beer and nod their head to a Southern twang. Most of those folks aren’t that down with rap, but I think they’d take a shine to this song. Of the new material “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” is definitely the most noteworthy, and uncoincidentally it’s the one being pushed as a single right now. The thing you have to ask yourself though is whether or not it’s worth $9.49 on up to get one song. I was able to conclude the Moonshine Bandits the following last time: “I can’t call it original or bold – I also can’t call it unpleasant or insulting.” Despite the remixes and the reshuffling, that conclusion remains the same. If you like beer drinkin’ country rap tunes, come get your fill.

Moonshine Bandits :: Whiskey and Women - Deluxe Shiner Edition
5.5Overall Score