What does one even say after being married more than a decade? You can’t sum up a third of your life that easily, any more than you can sum up being devoted to hip-hop for three-fourths of your life. What I CAN say is I love them both with all my heart. They both know what makes me happy, they both know what makes me cry, they both know what makes me myself and I.

What’s great about my boo though?

No one else would tolerate me listening to one mix for thirteen hours straight on an overnight drive to Texas just to keep myself awake.

No one else would understand why I’d rather listen to Sirius XM Backspin than Shade 45.

No one else is less judgmental about the fact that I’m a middle aged man who still likes anime and comic books, or enjoys sitting through “Age of Ultron” with me more.

No one else would get me a t-shirt for our anniversary that says “Trophy Husband.”

No one else has understood me more when I’ve left to stand in line outside a store at 4 AM for collectibles that will be sold out once the doors open.

No one else would accept my overwhelming collection of records, tapes and CDs with so much patience and tolerance for all the space they take up.

No one else would fly to Vegas with me just so I could buy vintage Atari games in the box for $5 each.

There’s no better hug. There’s no better shoulder. There’s no better tailgate griller.

No one else makes me happier.

Thank you Chelzie. You’re the best.