“Yo I terrorize guys
(EXERCISE) street formulas
Our hip-hop shows, cause pandemonium
Shit, I ain’t concerned until it’s my turn
I snatch a mic jump on the stage
and show my ass like Howard Stern
But not in that form (hell nah) I perform
lyrical heatwaves, that’ll keep your brain warm
But when it’s on, you fuck around and get ripped up
or get placed in a bodybag with that ass zipped up
Toe tag ’em!”

1.) M.O.P. – “Cold as Ice”

2.) M.O.P. – “Ante Up”

3.) M.O.P. – “World Famous”

4.) M.O.P. – “How About Some Hardcore”

5.) M.O.P. and MANY MORE – “Ante Up (Remix)”

6.) M.O.P. f/ Jay-Z, Teflon – “4 Alarm Blaze”

7.) M.O.P. – “187”

8.) M.O.P. f/ Maino – “Welcome to Brooklyn”

9.) M.O.P. – “To the Death”

10.) M.O.P. – “Rugged Neva Smoove”

11.) M.O.P. – “Stand Clear”

12.) M.O.P. – “Dead & Gone”

13.) Heather B f/ M.O.P. – “My Kinda Nigga”

14.) M.O.P. In the Studio w/ Diamond D, Lil’ Cease

15.) M.O.P. f/ Busta Rhymes – “Broad Daylight”