This week for Genesis Does I present to you a Konami classic from 1993 titled Rocket Knight Adventures! Our protagonist Sparkster has a suit of armor and a jet pack on his back, enabling him to battle both his arch enemy Axel Gear and the forces of the evil Emperor Devligus Devotindos. The plot isn’t that important. What IS important is that this is a game that combines both horizontal and vertical platforming into a unique mechanic where you use the jet pack to soar over obstacles, rebound off walls, and even hang from tree branches by your tail!

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out the game suddenly changes to a side scrolling shooter. Believe me the inventiveness of this game knows no bounds, the music is catchy and infectious, and the pixel art of both your protagonist and antagonists is charming (and dare I say a little humorous). I hesitate to use the term “hidden gem” but I hear so few people talk about Rocket Knight Adventures I think it might actually deserve that laurel and then some! Subscribe to mmf187 for more hip-hop and retro content, and if you like RR like the video and leave a comment — engagement helps us out!