For those who don’t know it or who have never heard of it before, Spelunky is a 2D platforming roguelike game first released by Derek Yu in 2008 for Microsoft Windows under an open source code license. Since that time the game has mushroomed in popularity and accessibility, appearing on over a half dozen platforms spanning several handheld systems and console generations. Limited Run Games released a physical version for PS4 and that’s what we’ll be playing on this week’s episode.

I’ll warn you in advance that despite the relative popularity of this game over the last decade this is my FIRST time playing it. Hey for what it’s worth they call me “Mistah MegaManFan” not “Mistah SplelunkyFan” so cut me some slack if I’m not good at it. I enjoyed it enough that I intend to keep playing far beyond this episode. Please subscribe to mmf187 for more gaming and hip-hop videos. As of this writing the channel is less than 130 subscribers away from our goal of reaching 1,000!