Here’s another one of those games “Genesis Does” that Nintendon’t! This one is called Crüe Ball, and spell it with the umlaut because the game is (at least in part) inspired by the band Mötley Crüe! Original names for the game in development included Twisted Flipper (obviously a reference to Twisted Sister) and Headbanger Ball (which they planned but failed to license from MTV) before finally settling on the Crüe theme for the game.

CIB versions of this game have become a bit pricey over the years so unfortunately for me I may never have anything other than a loose cart for this one, but I’m still glad of it as it’s a DECENT pinball console game. Were it not for the Mötley Crüe tie-in it probably wouldn’t be as memorable as it still is today over 25 years later. Subscribe to mmf187 for more hip-hop and retro content, and if you like RR like the video and leave a comment — the engagement helps us out. Thanks!