Mistah MegaManFan’s Retro Hunting Adventures series takes a road trip to Dallas, Texas! I was invited to cover New Japan Pro Wrestling by AXS TV and decided to make the most of it by hitting a few stores in search of vintage video games. I’ve got so much footage I’m actually going to break it up into two episodes, with part one focused on GameOver Video Games.

They’ve got locations in Dallas and Fort Worth and you can find them online at https://gameovervideogames.com/ – if you stop in say Mistah MegaManFan sent you. If you leave them a review on Facebook you’ll also get 10% off! Thanks as always for watching RHA, and if you’re new to mmf187, new episodes go live every Monday at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Speaking of new you can always hit that subscribe button and help me on the road to 1K. We’ve got some cool things coming up if we hit that goal!