Welcome back to Retro Hunting Adventures, brought to you every Monday at 8 PM ET, and this week it’s part two of my adventures in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! This time I head to FX Game Exchange in Plano, then check out a place called Movie Trading Company, along with a nearby Half Price Books on Cooper Street.

The best haul of the three was by far FX (shout out to MegaDan) as I knocked four N64 games off my list and got about 15 PS1, PS2 and XBox games for 50 cents each! Thanks as always for watching RHA, and if you’re new to mmf187, new episodes go live every Monday at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Speaking of new you can always hit that subscribe button and help me on the road to 1K. We’ve got some cool things coming up if we hit that goal!