RapReviews.com prides itself on being open to rap from all over the world. If we can understand the language there’s a good chance we will share our thoughts on the music in question. American artists remain the primary focus, naturally, but for the past decade, we have dedicated one month of the year to the Brits. As a grimy limey myself, it’s a great way to shine the spotlight on a country bursting with talent. The political turmoil – at the time of writing the whole exit from the European Union still seems to be unclear – only adds to an environment of unrest, tension, and divided opinion.

The UK has always held influence in the music industry and the continued success of Grime has leant an identity to British rap that it can truly call its own. The age-old Grime vs. Hip Hop debate continues in some circles, but we are fortunate enough to be in a position to overlook that nuance – this is RAP Reviews after all. And as the country that birthed English, with its array of accents and influences from both mainland Europe and the United States, it’s often the home of creative, boundary-pushing artists. 

We hope you enjoy this time of the year as much as we do, as we cover everything from British hip hop veterans, the chart-topping superstars, emcees-turned-actors and the exciting new talents making noise.

As UK Hip Hop crew Task Force’s catalog finally becomes available on streaming services this week, it’s only right we share some Chester P bars:

Week of November 5th:

Kate Tempest: The Book of Traps and Lessons
Rex Orange County: Pony
Wish Master: Boombap to the Future
Sean Peng & Illinformed: Trips to the Medicine Cabinet

Week of November 12th:

Kamakaze: Facts Not Fiction
Guvna B: Hands Are Made For Working
Datkid & Leaf Dog: Confessions of a Crud Lord

Week of November 19th:

Dabbla: Death Moves
Jungle Brown:
Full Circle
Hoodies All Summer

Week of November 26th:

Skepta: Ignorance Is Bliss
slowthai: Nothing Great About Britain
Little Simz: Grey Area
Juga-Naut & Giallo Point: Back to the Grill Again
Seanie T: Ruff, Rugged and Smooth
Swindle: No More Normal

Bonus Week of December 3rd:

Devlin: The Outcast
The P Brothers: The Gas