As a total package for $15 (that’s the Black Friday price anyway) the Disney Classics: Aladdin & The Lion King package for Nintendo Switch is pretty hard to beat. It would be worth it for the Sega Genesis versions of both games alone, although it is curious that in the selection menu the systems are referred to as “Console S” and “Console N” instead of Sega or Nintendo.

The software allows you to map the buttons on your Joycons or Switch Pro controller to the desired layout you want, which it presumably does on PS4 and other systems, and the extensive museum archives and “making of” featurettes add tremendous value for people who already own physical versions of these classics.

Perhaps the “deepest cut” here is the Chicago trade show demo of Aladdin, which seems more like something you’d see on Hidden Palaces or The Cutting Room Floor than in an official bundle sold at retail. The only downside if you can call it that is that handheld versions are faithfully emulated — they just can’t hold up to their big brother/sister console versions.

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