The music for Ryuukyuu on PC Engine is so hideously dull I dubbed it out of this video, and the sound effects of dropping playing cards into rows and columns won’t be missed either. DESPITE THAT I recommend this game.

There’s very little information about it out there but let this be a start — it’s a poker strategy game where you try to make high value hands horizontally, vertically or even diagonally in a five by five grid. You have a choice of four cards and each time you drop one into the grid a new one is drawn at random. The game forces you to think not only about the hands you are making but the hands you have LEFT to make when you’ve filled up all the rows to the top and only have a few cards left you can play. Better hands score more points and you need a point total that exceeds the “clear” score to advance to the next round. Subscribe to mmf187 for more episodes!