The advertising campaign for the Apple IIc in the mid 1980’s would have had you believing this was a “portable” Apple IIe computer, and it even had a carrying handle which could also be used as a kickstand to angle the keyboard for comfort while typing. In reality though the IIc was far from portable. It weighed a hefty 7.5 pounds and that’s without supplying your OWN external monitor nor a large power supply affectionately known as (not kidding about this) THE BRICK.

I am absolutely enthralled with this slice of childhood computing generously donated to me by — so please show him some love and visit his channel. In this clip I show you the computer on all sides (and it’s pretty dirty so I’ll have to use some 8-Bit Guy cleaning techniques) and a couple of games that I got with it — Pac-Man and Win, Lose or Draw! Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan (mmf187) for more Retro Hunting Adventures every Monday at 8 PM ET, 7 Central. Your likes, shares and comments are always appreciated. Thank you for watching!