I recently received an e-mail from Mega Cat Studios saying that physical copies of three new Sega Genesis games were available for product reviews. HELLO, YES! Considering I do a weekly show called “Genesis Does” this was right up my alley. Unfortunately by the time I sent them a reply all the press copies had been allocated, but Sir Meowface (obviously not his actual name) replied and generously offered me demo ROM files for their new releases.

The first one I’m taking a look at is called Arkagis Revolution and it does a few things you don’t typically see in a Genesis game — Mode 7 style rotation (which can at times be a bit disorienting), adult language (through voice acted cut scenes no less), and a general open freedom of movement usually limited to cave/exploration games like H.E.R.O. or Thrust+. I think you’ll enjoy this one and I want to thank Mega Cat Studios for working with me. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new content every Thursday and do all the things — like, comment, share — you know the deal.