This isn’t a game about a chewy chocolate candy with a caramel center. This Sega Genesis (and Mega Drive) exclusive is instead about a happy and helpful elephant named Rolo who wants to help all of his friends escape from their cages. One of the fun and innovative things about this platforming game that helps it stand out is that once you’ve rescued said animals, you can SWITCH to them as the active party member and reach platforms that Rolo himself could not.

I would rate this game more highly if the controls weren’t very slippery and you had more precise in-air maneuvering to land on platforms. Given that this game goes for $22 loose and $53 complete I probably won’t be owning it physically any time soon, but it’s definitely worth trying for yourself. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new episodes of Genesis Does every Thursday at 8 PM ET. Like, share and comment to help the channel grow. As always thanks for watching!