I hadn’t been to Ben’s Game Zone in a hot minute and when I stopped in I was pleasantly surprised to find five new GameCube games that I didn’t previously own — Dinotopia, Freestyle Metal X, MLB Slugfest 2003, Pool Paradise, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2! Out of all five I can recommend the “NBA Jam” feel of Slugfest, and the crazy motorcycle tricks and heavy metal licks of Freestyle the highest.


Dinotopia is clunky and feels like a carbon copy of other 3D melee games, made to cash in on the popularity of Jurassic World movies. Ghost Recon 2 and Pool Paradise are both “meh” — neither great nor terrible. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new Retro Hunting Adventures every Monday at 8 PM ET! Like, share and comment to help the channel grow. Thanks for watching!