This Might help you to Gain Fanbase on Spotify for your Music.

With the evolution of science and technology, the music industry has gone through major changes too. Now, recording all your favorite songs into a mixtape is old news. Now we have digital music streaming platforms that give us access to endless songs of our choice. Spotify is one such digital music service that has won over people’s hearts with its amazing features. 

Since its introduction among the population, Spotify has launched many new music artists to the public. But how do you gain a fanbase on Spotify? All you need is to have a good number of followers and your music will be heard by millions of Spotify users. You can buy Spotify plays from various websites and stream your own music creation along with the playlist. This will allow you to reach out and connect with a wider audience. 

But before you buy Spotify plays, you might be wondering, which songs will appeal most to the users. Spotify itself has the answer to that. The simplest hack is to find the most popular playlists that people are loving right now. You will get an idea of what people like to hear and curate your playlist with some of those numbers along with your own. 

These are the Top 5 Spotify Playlist that We Recommended:

1. Today’s Top Hits (Mixtape, by Spotify)

Most of the time, we can’t really decide what song we want to hear at that moment. Mixtapes are what we need then. With an assortment of songs from various genres, we can be sure, at least a few would be able to hit our hearts. Whether you like listening to BTS or Dua Lipa, “Today’s Top Hits” has it all. It has a whopping follower count of 26,875,333. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular playlists to buy Spotify plays from. 

2. RapCaviar (Hip Hop, by Tuma Basa)

Does a follower score of 13,417,265 seem appealing to you? That’s what you will get if you buy Spotify plays from the “RapCaviar” playlist. It will open up the opportunity for your music to reach more than 13 million people at a time. This Playlist is an ensemble of hit numbers from Hip Hop and Rap genres. 

History says RapCaviar has the potential to turn an amateur rapper into a megastar. And these are all made possible by Tuma Basa, the curator of this influential playlist. 

3. Viva Latino (Top Latin Hits, By Spotify)

If you have a heart for Latin music, Viva Latino is the playlist you have been looking for. Latin music has made a place in the heart of music lovers across the globe. It brings to you a fine blend of genres like salsa and tango along with a hint of traditional music from Puerto Rican Bomba or Musica Lianera from Cuba. You may find the best sites to buy Spotify plays of International artists who are ruling the world of Latino music and make a place of your own too. 

4. The Longest Mixtape: 1000 Songs for You (Mixtape, By Caribou)

Caribou’s “The Longest Mixtape” has made quite an impression among Spotify users across the world. This playlist has something to cater to everyone’s mood and thus has appealed to millions of music lovers. With 1000+ songs from artists such as Aphrodite’s Child and Minnie Riperton, this playlist can enable you to gain a fanbase on Spotify for your creation. 

5. Indigo (Country Music, by Spotify)

With the fine glimmer of folk music and acoustic melody, country songs can never go out of trend. They have the power to make you feel elated and also to make you weep at the same time. Indigo is a mixtape compiled by Spotify that celebrates the legacy of country songs. It is a solid mix of 100 songs by various artists which can bring a pop to your dreary day. 

The “Indigo” playlist has numbers by artists from the mainstream such as Eric Church, Maren Morris and Marcus King, and other notable artists. This playlist is currently followed by more than 255,000 Spotify users. Attaining a place among such significant artists can go a long way for you to gain a fanbase on Spotify. 

The Bottom Line:

With songs to complement all your moods, Spotify assembles playlists that you can follow and listen to any time you want. If you are a newbie in the field of music, Spotify can be very beneficial. By gaining a place in the popular Spotify playlists, you can expand your audience and get more recognition. 

Our top recommendations include music of different tastes and moods. You can match your original creation with the songs from these playlists and buy Spotify plays that best suit your genre. And within a few days, you will be able to see a rise in your followers.

Till then, take charge of the melody in you and keep creating amazing music!