In one Retro Hunting Adventure trip to Goodwill I managed to spend $35 and get well more than that in value. In fact I only spent $3 on Race Drivin’ (GameBoy) and that goes for $13 by PriceCharting standards, and the camouflage PS3 DualShock Sixaxis I spent $4 on can go for up to $30 by eBay standards, so there’s $36 saved and the rest of my purchases are now fully covered.

One in particular might be worth more than the rest combined — a 3DO Super UFO “fighting controller” with a six button design that I couldn’t even find a listing for on PC or eBay. Who knows what the actual value might be? Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for more Retro Hunting Adventures every week! Like, share and comment to help this channel grow. If you already watched this video, one more would also help out a lot too. Thanks for your support!