When RapReviews first launched a Patreon account, we set a modest goal of $100 a month, an amount that would cover the cost of our webhosting after fees and taxes. Thanks to your support we reached that threshold for the first time in June of 2021, and in return we turned off Google ads on RR for the first time in the site’s 20+ year history. I’m tremendously grateful to all of you who pledged your support to make that possible and continue to do so each and every month.

We continue to live in uncertain times thanks to the global pandemic, which has caused the basic cost of everything from the food we eat to the fuel to keep our homes warm to rise. These constraints put a squeeze on the support you’ve given us to date, but the uncertainty of being “just barely” above our original goal does too. It’s a tenuous position to be just one patron away from dipping below that mark if anyone has to bow out due to their cost of living being on the rise too — an unfortunate predicament but one that is inevitable for content creators.

It’s not easy for me to come to the readers to ask for your support to keep this operation going, but I made the decision to set a new goal of $125 a month to both encourage more people to join (even $1 a month helps out) and give RapReviews more room to breathe. If our webhosting company decides to raise their rates, we’re still covered. If inflation causes the cost of anything RR relies on to bring you new reviews every week, we’re still covered. The good news is that since we already reached our original goal, Google ads will NOT be returning. I think you and I both prefer that RR operates without any editorial pressure from disgruntled advertisers.

Here’s the bottom line on all of this — our Patreons have maintained the survival of this website, but new Patreons can ensure that continues into the foreseeable future. Whatever amount you can give, we’re humbled by your willingness to keep this project and our 9,000+ articles and reviews available into the future. Your monthly pledge isn’t just for you but for everybody else who loves hip-hop music and culture too. Thank you.

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon, RapReviews.com EIC