The Krikzz designed EverDrive for TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine may be the perfect accessory for a Turbo Express owner. You can load up to 32 GB worth of HuCards (hard to imagine the library wouldn’t fit into less) on a micro SD card, pop it in the back, and then quickly reset back to the menu to access a different ROM with the built in reset button — at least on the version two revision that I own. I’m not sure if V1 had a reset button or not.

If there was also a way to do save states, this would be hands down the greatest thing since sliced bread, but between this and an external 7V power supply from RetroGameCave it’s a combination that’s hard to beat. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new PC Engine videos weekly and new content daily! Like, share and comment to help the channel grow. As always thanks for watching!