Famous rappers play high stakes, but many say they also visit gambling sites and spend much time online. Like regular, less-wealthy gamblers like us, they enjoy playing from home and paying via PayPal or Boku. The only difference is that their rupees are probably higher than yours when they get paid.

Everyone knows rappers make a lot of money, especially since they use every opportunity to flaunt it. They don’t mind showing off their gold chains, pinky rings, fancy cars, and expensive designer outfits. Rappers are the same everywhere, whether Indians or Americans; they don’t mind showing what they’re worth in public.

However, showing off their wealth isn’t the only thing they do; they also spend it like it’s not special. To mention a few, they bet thousands of dollars in casinos on poker or blackjack tables. If you’re a gambler in India, here are some world-famous rappers that also love to gamble that you should know about.

  1. Young Thug

Young Thug doesn’t play only poker; he loves rolling dice and is passionate about it. Dice is a crap game, and its stake isn’t as high as poker, but playing is a lot of fun. The intensity of craps is much higher than any poker table casinos offer, meaning YT is after the thrill, not the money. Young Thug appears to be an adrenaline freak who would rather go for great action than the high stake.

  1. 50 Cent

No rap lover in India doesn’t know 50 Cent; if there is, such isn’t a rap lover. 50 Cent is one of many famous rappers who love to gamble their wealth like it means nothing. He prefers poker above any other casino game, and he is reportedly a frequent visitor of Sin City. He once took poker lessons from professional players so he would enter poker tournaments.

However, 50 Cent isn’t very lucky at the poker table because he’s witnessed major losses. Although he declared bankruptcy a while back, he is still seen on the Las Vegas strip once in a while. When asked, he is noted to always express his interest in engaging in cricket bet, especially because he loves the game and the players.

  1. Nelly

Nelly may be an old-school generation of rappers, his love for gambling is anything but old-school. He loves to play poker games like his rapper friends, but most games are celebrity-type and charity tournaments. These games aren’t just some play-for-fun games; they are real tournaments where players stake thousands of dollars. While Nelly may not be the best poker player and rapper of all time, his charisma and behavior make him one of the most loved.

  1. Diddy

P. Diddy is probably the least enthusiastic gambler on this list, but he is a gambler nonetheless. While Diddy prefers to make money than lose it to poker, he spends a few dollars occasionally on gambling. He has been seen at rap poker games with other prominent rappers like Wiz Khalifa and plays in games where one hand can go as high as several thousands of dollars in cash.

P. Diddy’s wealth is estimated at $250 million, so he doesn’t feel the loss of a few thousand dollars. However, he prefers to deal with real cash rather than depositing his money in virtual casinos. When he is not trying to make good music or doing something else, he spends time in a physical casino gambling on his favorite games.

  1. Jay Z

Jay Z is a rapper and an entrepreneur with investments in several business endeavors, including liquor and clothing. He is also known to love gambling; there’s a rumor that he is even planning to invest in an online casino. Jay Z loves to play; he is also a good player – and he has enough money to afford this kind of fun.

So, even if he loses a few hands, we’re sure he wouldn’t feel it much. He always has extra cash to spend on predicting his favorite casinos.


Gambling with money is just another fun pastime in the rapping world. India has its fair share of gamblers who also love gambling; we’re sure you know some of them. These people are respected in every casino they enter, probably because they often put their money where their mouth is. If you want to make it big like some of these rappers out there, then play on Parimatch. If you want a more interesting experience, download the Parimatch app from your App Store and access a variety of esports.