Horse racing is an exciting sport with a growing fan base. Horse racing has always been a sport reserved for the elite and is considered to be a prestigious event where big names come to experience some exciting horse racing. No wonder it is called “The Sport of Kings” and many celebrities have fallen in love with the sport to a point where they start to get more involved in the process.

It is common to see big celebrity names on horse racing events, especially on big ones like the Kentucky Derby. From government officials to movie stars and singers, big celebrity names have always been present in the horse racing scene.

So, let’s talk more about rappers who expressed their passion and love for horse racing and who are probably usual visitors of TwinSpires horse racing platform. They might look tough and have strong language in their music, but horse racing has found a sweet spot in their heart.

MC Hammer

Stanley Kirk Burrell, also known as MC Hammer is an American rapper, songwriter, and dancer that dominated the 80s rap scene. Is also an entrepreneur and one of the rap names that managed to climb to fame really fast. Some of his most popular songs are “2 Legit 2 Quit” and “U Can’t Touch This”.

With that said, MC Hammer is also a big horse race enthusiast. His association with horse racing comes down to his lavish spending at the peak of his career. Quickly after introducing horse racing into his life, he fell in love with the sport and established his very own Oaktown Stable.

He will eventually have nineteen Thoroughbred racehorses that will bring him a lot of success. In fact, his most famous horse “Lite Light” has won several Grade I stakes races, including the famous Kentucky Oaks.

Even though he is not involved with horse breeding and training anymore, he still attends horse racing events to this day.

Lil Nas X

Now we move on to many recent times, and to a rapper that is probably leading the new rap generation. Lil Nas X outbreak was the unique crossover of hip hop and a country song called “Old Town Road”.

There is a good chance that you’ve already heard the song, especially since it was a big hit climbing to #1 on Billboard. Most of the song is dedicated to horses, as he sings about these beautiful creatures.

It seems like Lil Nas X is very passionate about horses and the sport in general. He is a fan of the sport as he was spotted at a couple of different horse racing events and he publicly showcased his support for Maximum Security after his disqualification in the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Maximum Security was the favorite of the race at 4-1, and the race finished with him in the first place. But after a lengthy investigation and interference ruling, Maximum Security was disqualified.

The “Old Town Road” artist stated that he knows how Maximum Security feels and expressed his regret in a Twitter post.

Baldenna Tha King

Anthony Ramon Fountain was a young boy who started listening to Houston rap, in the hope to follow in the footsteps of some of the biggest rap stars at that time. He continued chasing his dreams and started expressing his emotions through his music.

Now, he is well known as Baldenna Tha King and he is bringing the worlds of trail riding and hip hop together. It is quite an interesting mixture that shouldn’t work on paper.

In Houston, trail riding is a long-lived tradition where many people gather on horseback with live music as an occasion to celebrate. Even though this tradition started with country songs or zydeco, Baldenna is trying to change the trail and introduce hip-hop into the mixture.

He is really passionate about horses and isn’t shy about expressing that love to the public. He introduced horse racing into the lyrics of his songs like the song titled “Out The Gate” which paints a vivid picture of the top horses and their owners that are in the game.