When I come to the readers of RapReviews to ask for your support on Patreon, I can’t help bit think of a skit from the Homestar Runner website of yore (back when Flash animation was still a thing) called “Pistols For Pandas.” The spokesperson is a hack actor named Crack Stuntman and the entire thing is a parody of commercials that desperately beg for your help, although one line always made me laugh out loud. “For every dollar you give to Pistols For Pandas, we laugh at it, ’cause like… what good’s a dollar going to do?”

The good news is that at RR even one dollar can make a difference. We’re eventually going to need to buy additional storage to keep posting new reviews, and the webhosting company that provides our services keeps raising their prices year to year. It’s not really surprising since everyone they do business with keeps raising theirs too. cPanel licensing costs more, the electricity costs more, the rent they pay for their server farm costs more. They pass those expenses along down the line. It’s the same reason we all pay more for a gallon of milk when the food for the cows and the fuel to transport their product doesn’t get cheaper either.

In short if you give us a dollar, we definitely don’t scoff at it. If you can give us $2, $5 or more a month that would be great but any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. As a perk for being a contributor to our Patreon campaign you get access to help shape the content of the site — members only polls, reader feedback articles, and suggestions for future topics and reviews. If you’re already a patron feel free to exercise your right to be heard! Let us know what you’d like to see in the future and participate in these members only posts when they go live. This site would almost certainly have gone offline during the height of the pandemic without your help, and with your continued support we’ll be around for many years to come.

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon, RR EIC