Right time, right place, right circumstances? Or is it just about merely leaving it up to chance. In any case, it makes sense that DMV rap artists Marc 2Ray and NiccoFeem would team up for an album. Titled “Decisions”, it’s a four-track EP that’s almost a concept record. Both artists are independent, but have 9-to-5 day jobs, personal lives, all of which they juggle along with their music. Produced entirely by NewMessage (known for his work with Locksmith, Sprite, and others), the EP kind of takes its cue from the outside occupations of both emcees. On a curious side note, each track on this EP begins with the letter ‘O’.

“Origins” could’ve come off in the comic-book Czarface-vein given the title, but thankfully it doesn’t make use of that trope. Instead, Marc and Nicco trade bars about their musical influences and initial forays into the music industry itself. The main single is “Overture”, and it’s just two emcees just ripping the mic apart with wordplay and similes. It has something of a “versus” vibe and the imagery in the accompanying music video coincides with that notion:



“On My Own” is jazz-driven and sounds like a Michal Urbaniak sample may have been used. Both emcees raps are about comparing their day jobs (Marc’s a teacher/autism therapist; Nicco’s a First Army Band Member) to their rap aspirations and the struggle to make both ends meet. “Oddity” is the best track and the closer. Both men rap about their relationships, Nicco is still looking for true love among options while Marc’s verse is a counter as he’s found his true love. Both juxtapose their love for music with the position for romance in their lives. The beat and vocals are very airy and Autotuned. Both sing for the hooks on their respective verses.

In comparison between both emcees, they both make poignant lyrics with multis and good command of the English language. However, Nicco scores higher due to having a stronger flow and for taking double-duty with singing on the tracks along with rapping. The four-track EP was of suitable length for an initial joint release as it shows there’s room for improvement (flow, writing, production, et. al.). Taking that into account, “Decisions” shows potential.


Marc 2Ray x NiccoFeem :: Decisions
6.5Overall Score