Learning to play any new instrument starts with the basics, but that doesn’t mean you can only play nursery rhymes. While the simplest songs are obviously the easiest to play, there are many classic and contemporary tunes with core attributes every budding pianist should know. Consider adding these six easy piano songs to your playlist.

  1. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

    Hallelujah is a beautiful, recognizable piece. Beginners who need to learn basic left-hand skills will appreciate this song. Instructionally, you will break the song into multiple parts and sections to make it easier to learn. Additionally, within each section, you break the song down further by hand usage, learning to play chords on your left hand while also playing the song’s melody on your right hand.

  2. All of Me by John Legend

    If you want easy piano songs that impress, All of Me is a passionate ballad with a slow and steady pace of only 63 beats per minute, using a minimal range of hand movements to make it easy to reach the chords. You can play it a number of ways, but most start with the right hand. As you progress, you can use more advanced levels.

  3. Clocks by Coldplay

    Clocks is a classic Coldplay song with a recognizable melody and contemporary relevance. This piece is also a great way to learn to play triad chords as ascending and descending notes rather than playing them all together like many beginner songs. You will develop skills in timing with a basic progression that sounds amazing.

  4. Believer by Imagine Dragons

    Believer is a dramatic song with a drum-heavy melody that translates well into a piano tune. Learn to practice a tune with repeated notes. Additionally, the use of Bb minor is great for getting to know those black keys. Most learner songs are in a 4/4 time bracket, but this one is in 12/8 time, making it a faster pace without overcomplicating with too many notes. It is sure to impress.

  5. Bach’s Prelude in C Major

    Finally, everyone needs a classic piece in their lessons, and Prelude in C Major is the perfect starter song. This one is more appropriate for learners in the beginner stages but working toward mastering chord positions. This is because the song moves around the piano more, using both hands. However, you only play one note at a time because you hold down the notes with your left hand while playing notes with your right hand.

    When you hear the piece, it sounds more complex than it is to play. Do not allow the sheet music to intimidate you. Once you learn the pattern, you only need to repeat it.

Find Sheet Music for Easy Piano Songs

Each of these easy songs has something unique to offer a learner at various beginner stages. Use them to practice using both hands, identifying different chords, and playing at different speeds. Having the tools you need is the best place to start. For the sheet music to your favorite songs, check out Musicnotes.