As the tenth anniversary of Eazy-E’s death comes around, Priority Records has decided to milk his legacy by re-releasing “Eternal E” for the second time. While last time around the label “added” to the release by including two extra tracks, this time around the only change is the addition of Lil’ E’s “Lil Eazier Said.” “But wait,” you say – “Doesn’t the title of the review say it’s a CD/DVD combo!?!?!” Yes, the “gangsta memorial edition” of “Eternal E” is billed as a CD/DVD combo. Matter fact, considering the trivial change to the original tracklisting, the addition of the DVD is what truly makes this release different from any other version of “Eternal E.” Sadly, I can’t tell you whether the inclusion of this DVD makes this a worthy purchase since the advance copy of the release doesn’t include the DVD. Now when labels ship out advance copies of albums that include bonus DVD’s as a marketing ploy for first week sales, I don’t expect them to ship out the DVD also since it is essentially a “freebie” that shouldn’t affect an album’s rating. But when, as in this case, the advertised DVD is an essential part of the release it would behoove labels to include said DVD so that a review can be done reflecting the quality of the total package.

Because said DVD is not included I can’t really tell you whether the new version of “Eternal E” is worth your purchase. What I will do, is rate the material that is different from the last version of “Eternal E” and provide you a link to Steve “Flash” Juon’s review of said version: “Eternal E (ReRelease).”

Basically this ends up being a review of Lil E’s “Lil Eazier Said.” Nothing good can be said of the track. It’s a remake of Eazy’s hit “Eazier Said Than Done,” and were it not that the artist was Eazy’s son the track would probably be completely ridiculed by all. The beat isn’t changed at all, and if it is the change is minimal. Not much can be said of Lil E’s lyrical skills as he copies Eazy’s flow and only changes the lyrics slightly to fit his name/lifestyle/ etc… It’s a completely unnecessary track that is on par with karaoke and adds absolutely nothing to the album.

Now, I can’t say whether the addition of the DVD will be enough to justify spending your hard-earned dough on this release, especially if you have a previous version. The DVD is advertised to have seven Eazy-E videos and 3 public service announcements meant to raise AIDS awareness and commemorate Eazy. I’m not sure whether these videos were easily available before this release. So it might be that diehard Eazy fans would find the seven videos appetizing enough to justify the purchase or, in most cases, repurchase of “Eternal E,” but from where I stand – I can’t call it.

Eazy-E :: Eternal E: Gangsta Memorial Edition CD/DVD Combo
2Very Poor