Rachel Dolezal is all the rage in the news these days. In fact by the time you visit this site next week, we’ll probably have an editorial from a regularly featured guest contributor about all the harm caused by this woman pretending to be black. This is something we’ve editorialized about in the past – the position of privilege that white contributors to hip-hop music and culture hold whether they’re aware of it or not. Some white rappers seem to get it and some don’t. Either way the McKinney pool party says all about privilege that needs to be said – the white kid filming the cop’s disturbing behavior was largely ignored while his black friends were being thrown to the ground. A white rapper won’t get tailed by the cops for driving a Bentley – but you better believe a black one will be treated like he’s a drug dealer. Privilege.

This is not an expose on Rachel Dolezal though – this is a message from a white man to a white woman. On behalf of any white person who respects hip-hop art and culture – who never lied to a census taker, pulled a Soul Man to get a scholarship, or used the word “n#%!a” like it was interchangeable with “homey,” I’d like Rachel Dolezal to feel REAL uncomfortable with what she’s done. As Q-Tip once rapped on Award Tour, “You can be white and groove” so long as you don’t fake the funk. She’s fakin’. She didn’t need to pretend to be something she’s not to advocate for equality, civil rights, or African-American works of art. So maybe if she’s narcissistic to Google herself and see what people are saying about her, she’ll stumble across these five videos. I hope she gets the idea.