Everybody expects you to stay in one lane once you make it big as a rap star, and God forbid you try to use that success to build a future for yourself or for the people you came up with. There’s nothing wrong with seeing someone’s success and using it as motivation to achieve it yourself, but hating someone’s hustle because they worked hard and achieved success seems absurd to me.

I will say this though – if ever there was a year conspicuous consumption was done to the point of being overdone 2006 may have been the year. You see so much ice, cars and wealth being flashed in these 20 videos you may think every single rapper in America was flush with cash. Chains hung low, grills were bought and sold, and collars were popped. Flaunting success when you achieve it is a natural emotion, but there are times it comes across as rubbing our collective noses in it too. The more we’re told that wealth matters above all else, the less we value the things that are really important – family, friends, and community. It’s a delicate balance for hip-hop but in 2006 the scales definitely tipped toward excess.

11.) The Pack – “Vans”

12.) DJ Unk – “Walk It Out”

13.) Akon f/ Eminem – “Smack That”

14.) Bubba Sparxxx f/ Ying Yang Twins – “Ms. New Booty”

15.) Yung Joc – “It’s Goin’ Down”

16.) Jibbs – “Chain Hang Low”

17.) Lil Jon f/ E-40 – “Snap Yo Fingers”

18.) Field Mob f/ Ciara – “So What”

19.) Nelly f/ Ali & Gipp, Paul Wall – “Grillz”

20.) Clipse f/ Pharrell – “Mr. Me Too”