“Participants pretend to listen just to spit it back
They’re ruling our entire world based on minute math
Claiming mastery minus thought because they didn’t ask
I split in half with callous laughter after given trash
A vicious act, fly the black flag high on the mizzen mast
I grip the craft’s psyche tightly with a griffin’s grasp
So sick of sycophantic tandem banter, slick and fad
I don’t visit rap, I live with it and pick the scab
Watch it bleed profusely til the page becomes a crimson gash
A rhythmic path to follow, steps become a chisel’s tap
Chipping away until what remains betrays a simple task”

1.) Sankofa – “Crimson Feather”

2.) Sankofa – “21 Choices”

3.) Sankofa – “Too Many Days”

4.) The Silversmiths (Jon?Doe and Sankofa) – “Come On”

5.) Sankofa – “Snow Princess”

6.) Sankofa – “Mike Pence Rap”

7.) Sankofa – “Tic Tac Toe”

8.) Sankofa – “Birkencrocs”

9.) Sankofa – “Planet Flavortron”

10.) Sankofa – “The NeighborLINK”