“Yeah, and can we have another moment of silence?
For brothers who died from black-on-black violence
From here to the Dark Continent were rebels sell diamonds
To clients allover the world
got little Black girls dyin’
And can we please pour some more liquors?
For Will, Bokeem, Bar, Pappy — my niggaz
Here’s another Warrior Song from Nasty and Quan
It’s to him I pass the baton to carry this on
Street’s Disciple, salute to those who’s gone with bullets
And I promise through rhymin’
Quan gon’ rep his life to the fullest”

11.) Nas f/ Quan – “Just a Moment”

12.) Nas f/ Lauryn Hill – “If I Ruled the World”

13.) Nas f/ Chris Brown, The Game – “Make the World Go Round”

14.) Nas f/ Olu Dara – “Bridging the Gap”

15.) Nas – “The Don”

16.) Nas f/ Amy Winehouse – “Cherry Wine”

17.) Nas – “Got Yourself a Gun”

18.) Nas – “Daughters”

19.) Nas – “I Can”

20.) Nas – “Nasty”