Apart from putting out smash-hit songs, rappers have a reputation for making extravagant purchases. But, rap stars don’t just spend their money on bottles of Cristal and pimped-out Maybachs. In fact, some rappers make some of the most unusual purchases you’ll ever see.

Excessive? Yes. Unnecessary? Most of the time. Undeniably unique? Absolutely.

So today, we’re going to give you a rundown of some of the more off-the-wall items that rap stars have bought over the years.

Drake’s shower

This Canadian rap superstar is just like the rest of us. He likes to spend his money on the little things in life. Namely, his humble shower.

However, while you or I might think that the idea of a high-end shower is using an extra fancy shower gel, you need to think bigger than that to compete with the ‘Nice Guy of Rap’.

In an interview with Complex magazine, Drake explained that he was having a ‘shower experience’ installed in his luxury home. This included an entire shower cubicle lit with LED lights. Complete with 10 jets, an overhead water fall, TV screen and surround sound. Plus a little device that sprays out essential oils, as you wish. Because, why not?

And, not content with a shower that looks like downtown Tokyo, Drake allegedly also spent over $400,000 on his bed. We’re guessing it didn’t come from Ikea.

Nas and Kelis’ engagement grills

Celebrities have a tendency to go a little over the top when it comes to engagements and weddings. We’re looking at you, Kanye.

But, while some opulence is expected, Nas and Kelis took things a step too far with their matching engagement grills.

An absolute bargain at $36,000, the grills were made of gold, with Kelis’ reading ‘Tasty’. And Nas’ bearing the word ‘Nasty’. Well, quite.

Kelis and Nas got married in 2005. But just four years later, Kelis filed for a divorce. It’s not clear who got the grills.

Kanye West’s dining table

No list of unusual purchases would be complete without Kanye West making an appearance. But, while Kanye regularly buys stuff that makes us do a double-take, his Sistine Chapel-inspired dining table is definitely our favourite.

After all, why go to Italy, when you can eat your steak and chips off Michelangelo’s masterpiece from the comfort of your own home? Reported to have cost over $350,000, we can’t help but wonder one simple question: how much were the chairs?

Soulja Boy buys Atari

Okay, so this one is not technically true. Officially, Soulja Boy did not buy gaming giant Atari. However, from Soulja Boy’s Twitter announcement in 2021, you’d think he was their new CEO.

The ‘Superman’ star claimed on the social media platform ‘I own Atari. The first rapper to ever own a videogame company’. He also added that Atari had agreed to buy his ‘Soulja Boy console’ company for the handsome sum of $140 million. Oh, and that he’d also just signed Tom Hanks’ son to his record label.

We believe him.

Anyway, Atari bosses themselves took to social media. And clarified that the current CEO, Wade Rosen, was and is still in charge of the computer company.

That said, Soulja Boy did cut a deal with CelebrityWorld.com in 2016, to launch a celebrity-owned social gaming site. Making Soulja Boy into a casino fat-cat. Which would be totally run-of-the-mill for him.

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But, don’t go claiming to be the new owner of the Bellagio just yet.