“I’m the reason they made the dress code
They figure I wouldn’t wild when I’m in my french clothes
Dress as I suppose, from my neck to my toes
Neck full of gold, baguettes in my Rolls
Wreck shows, collect those, extra O’s
Buy the E, get a key, to the Lex to hold
East, West, every state, come on, bury the hate
Millions, the only thing we in a hurry to make
Are the friends that act friend in a Lex or a Benz
Let’s begin, bring this BS to an end”

1.) Ma$e – “Feels So Good”

2.) Ma$e – “Lookin’ at Me”

3.) 112 f/ B.I.G., Ma$e – “Only You”

4.) Ma$e f/ Eric Bellinger – “Nothing”

5.) Ma$e f/ Total – “What You Want”

6.) Ma$e – “Welcome Back”

7.) Ma$e f/ BlackSTREET – “Get Ready”

8.) Puff Daddy f/ Ma$e – “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”

9.) Brandy f/ Ma$e – “Top of the World”

10.) Ma$e – “Breathe, Stretch, Shake”