4 Truths & 1 Lie About No Deposit Bonuses.

No deposit offers are one of the most popular promotions in online gaming. They are among the few offers that allow you to win something for nothing. These bonuses are also easy to claim, as you only need to create an account to qualify. Provided your account is approved, you will get the no deposit offer. You then take the $300 free chip no deposit bonus and play real-money games at no cost. If successful, you will then receive your winnings. From the above, no deposit bonuses sound like the ideal offers for a low roller or newbie looking to build a bankroll.

However, there are many things you should be aware of before claiming this bonus from your preferred online casino or bookmaker. This post reveals some truths and lies behind this offer, which every punter is eager to get. But before that, we start by looking at how no deposit works.

No Deposit Bonus Explained

Basically, the no deposit offer is given by online casinos so they can attract more customers and make their platform known. It is a marketing strategy to let customers know about their existence on the web. As we mentioned, this type of bonus does not require players to deposit any money to get it.

Once the no deposit is reflected in your account, you can use it to play the various casino games on offer. However, this doesn’t imply that there are no rules involved. Therefore, if you are hoping to play games for real money, ensure you read and understand the terms and conditions before you do anything.

It is good to note that many online casinos and bookmakers that offer no deposit bonuses also give out deposit-based bonuses. However, not every casino with a deposit bonus provides no deposit bonuses. As such, it makes sense for players to find casinos offering no deposit bonuses.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Not every operator offers these exact bonuses. But, the no deposit bonuses usually take the following forms in the online casinos where you can find them:

No Deposit Cash Bonus

This is one of the most common no deposit bonus in online casinos and sportsbooks. The popularity lies in the fact that operators give out free cash that punters can use to play real money casino games and win real money eventually.

No Deposit Free Spins

These are free spins that punters are given when they sign up with an online casino. They are very handy in the sense that you can use them to win real money. The number of free spins generally ranges from 10 – 20 or 100 or more. When the free spins are more than 100, the casino administration may opt to award them in sets over multiple days. Let’s say 20 free spins per day for the next five days.

No Deposit Time Restricted Free Spins

These are free spins that bookmakers and casinos give customers with the condition that they exhaust them within a specified timeframe. Once players receive this type of bonus, they are expected to adhere to the given time window. The offer becomes invalid when the player does not stick to the conditions.

How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus

Claiming no deposit bonuses is easy! To help you navigate it better, we compiled this simple guide:

  1. Pick a casino site. Go to their signup page.
  2. Enter the registration details. Fill out the information required on the registration page. This typically includes your name, phone number, address, and other basics. If you have a no deposit casino code, this might be the best place to apply it.
  3. Submit your details. Submit this information, and if your account is approved, the bonus will reflect in your account in no time. However, don’t worry if it takes a while to process.
  4. Start playing. When the bonus hits your account, you can bet on your favorite team or slots for real money.

Truths About No Deposit Bonuses

Some players may be hesitant to use the no deposit bonuses for one reason or another, which is why we would want to share a few important truths about them. With these facts, you will be better positioned to take advantage of these free deals.

Truth #1: Not Applicable to All Games

Many players think they can play any games and slots now that they have a no deposit bonus. This is far from the truth. You can only play specified games or slots at the casino. Most of these games are new games a casino is trying to promote. Some slot games may be redesigned to be less attractive to problem gamblers.

That said, all these requirements are always made clear when opting to take the no deposit bonus. Thus, it is your sole responsibility to read and understand them, so you have adequate knowledge of what you are needed to do. This way, you will not end up in a dispute.

Truth #2: It Is Impossible to Withdraw the Bonus

Some players think that no deposit offers work like deposit bonuses. But that is never the case. Mostly, with deposit bonuses, you can cash out the bonus money when you fulfill all the terms and conditions.

On the other hand, you can’t withdraw the bonus resulting from a no deposit offer even after meeting all the requirements. Customers can only cash out the winnings they generate from the offer. This requirement is a little discouraging for many punters, which is why you should be aware of this fact before using a no deposit bonus to bet.

Truth #3: No Deposit Bonuses Come With High Wagering Requirements

Before using any no deposit bonus to play real games, you should understand the playthrough requirements. The wagering requirements usually refer to how much you must bet before you can withdraw your winnings from the no deposit offer.

Now the problem is, no deposit bonus comes with high wagering requirements. For example, you might be required to wager your bonus 40 times before claiming any winnings from it. A 40× rollover requirement means you should wager your bonus amount 40 times. Let’s say you get a $20 no deposit bonus with a 40× wagering requirement. To make a successful cash withdrawal of those $20 plus any winnings you earn while using it, you must play through $20 × 40 = $800. Once you have bet $800, the no deposit bonus plus the winnings are unlocked for cash out. The idea behind wagering requirements is that online casinos want to make it hard for you to reap from a no deposit.

Truth #4: Your Winnings From a No Deposit Bonus Are Capped

The ultimate dream for most gamblers is to turn a no deposit bonus into a huge jackpot winning. For instance, you may get very lucky and use a $10 no deposit bonus to win a $50,000 slots prize.

Casino sites aren’t about to get razed by this dream scenario. They usually cap your winnings at a specific point with these bonuses. You can win a few hundred dollars with these offers, but nothing life-changing. Gambling sites aren’t aiming to satisfy your wildest dreams with no deposit offers. They just want to recruit you to join their sites.

Lies About No Deposit Bonuses

Here is one lie that is associated with no deposit bonuses: all of them require promo codes. That is untrue! Not all no deposit bonuses require promo codes. It depends on the operator. There are many casino sites where the bonus is credited directly to a customer’s account without a promo code. Sometimes, you only need to sign up to receive a no deposit. However, don’t get discouraged if you have found a bonus that requires a promo code. Generally, the casino site includes the promo code in the promotion terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those are some prevalent truths and lies about the no deposit bonuses. Only those players who learn these truths and the associated requirements succeed in taking advantage of the no deposit bonuses. So take time to learn them today. Good luck!