There are a few interviews I’ve done over the years for RR that may have slipped under the radar. I didn’t originally have a dedicated YouTube channel for my hip-hop and gaming content, so a lot of them wound up on my already established channel angrymarksdotcom. One such interview featured Block McCloud, who is so closely associated with the Vinnie Paz collective Army of the Pharaohs that if you click his name on their Wiki entry it goes full circle right back to AOTP! He’s got his own story outside of that though. He’s a Park Slope, Brooklynite who founded his own record label (Disturbia) and first came to my attention as member of the legendary Brooklyn Academy in the late 1990’s. Let’s let him tell it.

I will try to pull up the original footage and release a remastered high definition version on the RapReviews channel, but for now please enjoy this throwback to the Black Cloud Tour the night they were in Lincoln, NE!