Gunhouse was Limited Run Games release #176, with a press run of 2300 copies for PlayStation 4. Based on the name I was expecting something akin to Enter the Gungeon or Super Gunworld 2, but what I wound up getting was COMPLETELY different. Gunhouse is actually a block matching puzzle game meets a tower defense game, and even that fails to truly explain the mechanics of “loading” your guns and “sideloading” your “special” attacks.

About two-thirds of my way into the play through my long time friend SirKrunch said “You stuck with this game far longer than I would have.” He’s right! This title is not for everyone, but in fairness I can say that it did become more natural the longer I spent with it. A bigger playfield to make block matches and a longer window of time to make them would’ve helped. Please subscribe to mmf187 for more gaming and hip-hop videos. As of this writing the channel is less than 130 subscribers away from our goal of reaching 1,000 subscribers!