Splasher was Limited Run Games release #152, and this game had an even smaller print run than Gunhouse, with only 2,000 copies produced. To be honest I would have produced about twice as much because this game is a LOT more fun than last week. I thought it would be a Splatoon parody for PlayStation but it turns out to be A LOT closer to being a Super Meat Boy style game — there are even spinning buzzsaws in your way!

The jumping mechanics are “floaty” and often require you to change direction in mid-air to stop your momentum, and deaths come often and frequently, but much like the aforementioned Super Meat Boy it’s addictive enough to keep you coming back for more. Please subscribe to mmf187 for more gaming and hip-hop videos. As of this writing the channel is less than 130 subscribers away from our goal of reaching 1,000 subscribers!