Welcome back to New Amiibo Friday! New episodes debut every week at 8 PM ET, 7 Central unless preempted by a big release (such as Super Mario Maker 2) or because I’ve run out of Amiibos to open. That hasn’t happened YET because I’ve still got this Skylanders two-pack featuring “Hammer Slam” Bowser!

Other than Donkey Kong this is the only dual action Amiibo I own, and like that one you can turn a dial on the bottom to switch the RF chip between Amiibo and Skylanders mode. It’s a really cool idea and as I said in the video I wish they had done it for more characters. Subscribe to mmf187 to be a Mega Maniac and help the channel grow. If you’re extra awesome like this video and leave a few comments about your own Amiibo collection!