The Super SD System 3 is a product from TerraOnion that unlocks the full potential of your TurboGrafx-16 to become a powerhouse of retro gaming! With this device attached to the back of your console you can not only load your games off a micro SD card, you can play CD ROM and Super CD ROM games that could only previously be played with an attached CD drive and the necessary BIOS in your HuCard slot.

In this video I unbox the Super SD System 3 to show you what’s inside, take you through what you need to put on your SD card to make best use of it, then demonstrate the features with one of my all-time favorite Castlevania games. It’s important to consider the value versus the cost for a system like this, as one rare Super CD ROM game alone can easily cost more than this ENTIRE device, so the long term benefits really add up when you consider what you get.

If CD ROM games don’t matter to you, a cheaper alternative like an Everdrive may be your preferred way to play backups and homebrews. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan (mmf187) for more retro gaming content. Your likes, comments and shares are really appreciated — even MORESO in this case given what this system cost. Thank you!