“Man you want to hit it down with the big town? Man can’t be like the big brown.” These inexplicable words come from a now legendary video of a rapper known only as T-Dub. I’ve never seen anybody actually explain the origin of the song. Not even the kings of YouTube history like Whang and WavyWebSurf have ever addressed the origins of this hilariously bad song. I can’t honestly tell you if this is someone pretending to be inept a la John C. Reilly portraying Dr. Steve Brule or if it’s actually someone’s demo that got discovered and remixed for your viewing pleasure. Either way I think we could all use a good laugh in 2020 so enjoy T-Dub along with five other hilariously bad rap videos from the depths of the internet.

T-Dub – “Mario Be Playin'”

Riak – “Gangsta Love”

7K – “Y’all Ain’t Trappin'”

Studio C – “Bad Boy Rap”

Raed Melki – “I Don’t Care Who”